Love Conquers All

Man I could write a book on love haha, over the last 14 years of being in 5 serious amazing relationships here are some of the things that I've taken from them. Love: sometimes we can love so hard that we tend to forget about ourselves at times so don't forget about the importance of giving yourself gratitude, credit, compliments and take special care of YOU.. at the end of the day you are both on your own journeys here in life. Growing individually but coming together by sharing, loving, and inspiring one another to continue being the best versions of yourselves. Trust: do not and I repeat do NOT allow your past experiences and relationships effect new ones, learn from your mistakes, settle in and move forward.. if there is any resentment you MUST learn to forgive before a new day begins, if you truly love someone you will find a way.. not only do you deserve this but so does your spouse. Communication: Jealously can kill relationships, learn to sit with the uncomfortableness of not knowing the outcome of things, assess the situation.. Are your thoughts coming from a place of love or are you letting the ego filled mind take control? Sitting still and connecting to your body can allow you to find peace before confronting your loved one. Instead of being irrational and fighting, as you'll most likely just end up kicking yourself in the foot afterwards anyway.
But most importantly, don't take life so seriously.. have fun, laugh, make memories and give it your all. The harder you love the more you become in alignment with your true self, then sure enough the magic of life tends to pop up.. everywhere.