Love Anyways

I was thinking about the post that I made yesterday, "Love Anyways". I dunno that can sometimes be a pretty hard thing to do. How do you love back when someone hurts you, when someone makes you cry? Well there are some boundaries that we have to make for ourselves but there's something to be said about the meaning of "unconditional love." A huge part of me is so proud of how hard I've loved in my life, trying to always see the better sides of people. Understanding that we all have our own struggles to deal with and that there's always a reason as to why a person is acting in a certain way. Maybe they had a bad day or perhaps they have a chemical imbalance in their brain. Which is causing them to feel the kind of anger or sadness that's imposed inside of them. Maybe they got bullied, maybe they didn't have the best parents growing up. Maybe they they themselves don't even have the answers. Just make sure that when unconditionally loving someone you find yourself still unconditionally loving yourself in return. If you start to lose grip, start to crumble, start to act like a completely different person and your actions are coming more from a place of fear than love, just let go. Nobody's perfect, neither is life, learn to find the beauty in all the small things. It's always been worth it... .