Goodbye Winter

Goodbye winter.... it was sure lovely getting to know you this year. It’s sad to see you go but I sure am looking forward to the warmth of the sun on my face. This year seems to be going by extra fast for me, feel free to slow down a little and press on the breaks. I didn’t get the chance to enjoy winters outdoor treasures as much as I’d hoped to. But I sure embraced the hard lessons and beauty of this so called hibernation mode, hard core hermiting at its finest. The more I hung out alone, said no to socializing and hanging out with my amazing friends, the more comfortable and cozy I made my bedroom the more I resisted being lazy. Why does this feel so good and just so right?! In December and January I felt this dark cloud of laziness form over me and a huge part of me wanted to fight it. Why am I feeling this way? Where has the sun gone and why can’t it come out to play? These grey sky’s are starting to make me feel old and exhausted. Moving from the north where blue bird days make all that snow much more inviting, I’ve found adjusting to the interior not that easy. Seasonal affective disorder is a real thing and not being able to spend much time high in the mountains doesn't help either. So instead of fighting these feelings and stressing about gaining a few extra pounds, I found myself surrendering to the stillness and calmness that lay before me. I understood that in order for me to take charge and accomplish the goals I had set out for the New Year I needed to relax and recharge myself. I have such a big year ahead of me, it was time to stock up the fridge and form an even closer relationship with my bed. Many of us have a hard time just sitting, we tend to get antsy, theres this need to talk and anxiety tends to come to the surface. About a month ago I sat in stillness for 6 hours, giving myself permission to just be was such an amazing gift and it taught me so much. I will be making an effort into doing that more often, being lazy never felt so good! So thank you mother nature for continuing to teach me your ways, having this realization has made me so much stronger. Bring it on Summer, I’m READY!