New Beginnings

The memories we’ve made over this last year have been breathtakingly beautiful. We are forever learning from one another.. forever being goofy and playful together. You make me feel like everything is possible, you Nspire me to be better and make me truly understand the importance of living in the moment. That all we do have is right now. You Nspire me to live a life full of love and to be authentic with you as possible. You’re not scared to tell me how it is, you’re as raw and as honest with me as you can be. I can barely begin to explain how much that means to me. That you’re willing to communicate and connect with me on all levels, allowing our hearts to fully feel and express the love we desire. Knowing that, it shows me how much we will thrive together by being who we truly are, in every way possible without any doubt, fear or regrets. You also remind me to take a moment to listen and talk to my heart. That my heart loves and cares for me very much and that it very much loves you too. I can’t wait to host epic potluck parties with you, to read books in the new forts we’re going to build, to dance from sunrise until sunset and cook delicious dinners together. Seeing your vision of the camp come to life at Burning Man made me realize how remarkably gorgeous that brain is of yours. I’m so excited to bring our Nspirations together to not only bring more happiness into other peoples lives, but into our own lives as well. Keep on Nspiring me baby! ❤🙏🏼