Spirit Animal

My spirit animal - So a couple weeks ago during one of the workshops that I attended at Burning Man I got to experience a beautiful journey with a new friend to find our spirit animals. We laid back to back amongst a big group of people after sharing a sound healing ceremony with the beat of a drum and the strength of our voices. There were a set of directions that you had to follow for in order to receive your spirit animal. By focusing your attention inwards and allowing all thoughts to arise within and asking the spirit that comes to your awareness if it is so and so’s spirit animal. You then ask permission if you can blow the animal into your partners chest and head. After everyone has their spirit animal you reveal what it was. Sure enough within seconds I had this illuminating white owl with a golden crown on it’s head flapping it’s wings. It came to me so fast that I even questioned as to whether or not that was her spirit animal. She proceeded to offer me my spirit animal and told me that mine was a butterfly. I thought this was quite weird as I don’t really resonate with butterfly’s, but then it dawned on me that wow it actually makes so much sense. I’m going through so many changes right now, it’s almost as if I’m transforming into the butterfly that I so kindly played with as a kid. Perhaps even little delicate creature I tried to save and care for as a child was resurrecting itself into me as I lay across the desert floor. I to this day even remember giving the monarch butterfly its own little burial, making peace with it and saying goodbye. Just like how ill be saying goodbye to all of the things that no longer serve me when starting this amazing new chapter that I’m about to take on. As I continue to unravel my wings from the fears and habits that hold me back from being who I’m so rightfully destined to be. I am reminded that this is my spirit animal. When I told her what her spirit animal was she started to tear up and cry. I wasn’t expecting to upset anyone during this enlightening experience, but as soon as she cracked a smile that’s when I truly understood the power of a woman’s intuition. She proceeded to tell me that she too is an artist and is a painter in Denmark. Sure enough she not only paints white owls but many of them and they all have a golden crown located along the shape of their face. What a special moment this day was for me and my new friend. I told her that her spirit animal is always looking out for her and that I’m excited to get to know my new fluttery friend. <3