Dance Always

Why wait to dance at the party when you can dance always? Over the last little while I find myself to become more and more of an introvert. I’ve always enjoyed social interactions, meeting new people and going out on the town with some friends. But man I'm telling you theres nothing like dancing in the kitchen while cooking dinner, not only are you setting your abs up for success your food for some reason tends to taste that much better too! I dance in the shower, I dance in my room and dance whenever I get the chance to. Theres this misconception that you have to know what your doing when it comes to dancing, well I couldn't disagree more. It’s all about just letting go and doing whatever the heck feels good during each moment. Close your eyes and follow the beat! Throughout many generations dancing has been known to be this energetic healing ritual that has been passed down from our ancestors. We can at times often find ourselves taking life a little bit too seriously..

So feeling a little under the weather? Put on some GOOD TUNES, lets let loose and dance our lives away TOGETHER!