Alright so after eating all the turkey dinner, pumpkin pie and mashed pots my body is telling me it would like a break. It’s actually been wanting to take a break for quite some time now. But with the stress of trying to finish school and moving to Vancouver I find myself always leaning to comfort food. I’m so dependent on it. Especially sweets, that quick fix seems so worth it. But unfortunately those temptations only seem to lead towards more cravings. 
Then next thing you know I’m riding this roller coaster that doesn’t seem to end. Since coming into this world my relationship with sugar hasn’t been the healthiest. Learning how white sugar can kill your white blood cells for up to 4 hours makes me wonder if this was one of the reasons why I was so sick all the time as a kid. I now try to stick to all natural sugars like stevia or honey but on holidays when grandma’s baked goods are out on the table and they remind you of old childhood memories how can one pass these temptations? I think the part that bothers me the most is that there is this stimulant, among many others, (like coffee). That seem to have control over me, am a victim? If these substances are so addicting how is it that they can be good for anyone? I’m not going to lie I’ve tried avoiding all stimulants for 3 weeks before, this includes coffee, sugar, processed foods, deep fried foods, smoking, drinking and anything else that alters your state, raises your blood sugar levels or sends your hormones for a spin. Why am I so fixated on changing my natural ways of just being. Why am I always in the need for ingesting something into my body. Constant consumerism, do we really need all of it? Why is it so hard to step away and give my body a break when it works so hard to keep me alive!?
I’m on day two and I’m already feeling lighter, there’s this sense of calmness and peacefulness that’s in the air. I’m pretty tired due to the lack of caffeine but I’m sure that’ll become easier with time. Another reason why I’m doing this is because my skin hasn’t been the greatest after I went off birth control over a year and a half ago. Stress seems to only make it worse. Not only that but I belch at least 4 times a day and well that’s just not normal. My tummy is upset and raw foods seem to make it worse too. 
So I’m hoping that by eating simple foods like steamed vegetables, removing all seeds if possible. Eating lots of fruits that are soft and easy to digest like melons. Eating plain white rice along with beans (skins removed), hard boiled eggs and fish. This is going to be a long month. I really just want to tune into my body more often and ask it what it wants instead of always eating unconsciously to stuff my face because I’m bored or am feeling stressed. A huge part of me realizes that at the end of the day I’m just a big foodie, I’ve always loved food, I love cooking, I love the smells and tastes of food and I’ve always been fascinated how different types of food contain specific nutrients to help your body grow and thrive in so many ways. But the more I tune in I’m starting to understand how dependant I am of food. And over the last couple days I’ve realized that most of the time my body just wants water. 
This is going to be super hard but i’m excited to share my progress and show you the different food ideas that I come up with. Without salt, sauces, butter, sugar (even honey), and hot sauce it’s going to be pretty bland! I guess for me I just wonder if our bodies are supposed to consume all of these things that are super processed. All of these things like nut butter, coffee, tobacco etc, take a lot of energy to be produced, therefore putting more stress on our planet. Perhaps it’ll be a nice change to enjoy foods in a more simple way and enjoying it for what it already is. Wish me luck! hahah