Day 3: Still feeling super tired and noticing my face is still quite inflamed and irritated. I decided to purchase some digestive enzymes and HCL tablets to help with the digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. When your body is super acidic and inflamed it becomes hypersensitive to anything that can cause irritation along your GI tract.

I forgot about the importance of proper food combining and wound up eating organic grass fed chicken (protein) with quinoa (carbs). In school I've learned how eating carbohydrates and proteins together is hard on your digestive system. As your body secretes specific enzymes and juices needed to digest and absorb foods properly. Eating carbs, proteins and fats all at once puts the body into overdrive. So simple is best!

So they say to eat proteins and fats together along with carbs and fats. Along with making sure you're eating fruit away from meals as well as this can cause the fruits to ferment in your body and cause irritation, gas and bloating. .
The other night I woke myself up by blurring out, "PROTEIN!" In my sleep hahah and understand how a lack of protein can cause sugar cravings I decided to eat some chicken last night. It doesn't feel right eating it but my body felt so thankful for it. I had this warm fuzzy feeling overcome my whole body after eating it.

I only eat meat about once a month and give thanks to the animal for giving its life to me every time I do so. I'm still trying to understand what works best in this body of mine and the biggest lesson I've learnt over the last year was to know the source of where your food is coming from. Get to know your farmer, go out to their farm to see what they're all about. CONSCIOUS EATING NEEDS TO BECOME A HABIT!
Feeling confident in where this new mindset will continue to take me. Hoping that by asking my body what it wants to eat instead of asking myself what I want to eat or drink will help heal this body!