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Recently I’ve been learning more and more about the importance of what it means to stay healthy and how to live a life full of vitality. Over the next few years I will be digging deeper and deeper into more of the woman that I would like to become. It took me sometime to realize this but I remember asking myself one day what it was that I’m truly passionate about? For some reason even though I have a natural talent for being an artist, I don’t wake up in the morning overly excited to work on my paintings. Cooking brings me to this place of peacefulness, creativity and excitement, looking back now it’s such a blessing seeing how I’ve always enjoyed learning about nutrition. And there’s one thing that’s certain, eating healthy really doesn't need to be so complicated! Yoga is also another big part of my life and even though I’m more consistent with it now than ever, it feels amazing seeing how far I’ve come over the last 5 years. But out of all these things that I love, at the end of the day I find that its sharing and helping others that truly gets my heart going. I’ve always enjoyed making others happy whether its through helping a friend with life/relationship advice, making a CD for a family member or doing random acts of kindness like detailing my partners car. The cool part is it seems to create this amazing circle of love that I hope will continue to grow bigger each and every day. So on that note with 2018 arriving I have started organizing my own personal business called Nspire Wellness, the purpose behind it is to share my own life experiences that have helped bring me to where I am today. Whether it be through nutrition, life lessons or sharing new ways of finding your own personal freedom. By taking what you like from the information provided I hope people will find more clarity and love within themselves and the world around them. In order for there to be peace on Earth we need to find peace within ourselves first. Here is a photo of a 30 day challenge I did for myself during the month of August last year. Visualizing what you want more of in life or even less of, is HUGE and I highly recommend creating your own vision board as it will help you attract the abundance of beauty that surrounds you! Even though this was only a 30 day challenge I realized that these are things that I want in my life every day so I leave it near my bed and re-read it whenever I can. The best part is you can get super creative with these vision boards, I just kept mine simple and colourful. By getting together with some friends and family to create these vision boards provides the beauty of inspiring those you love!

Vision Board.jpg
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