Becoming Vulnerable

2018-12-12 17.16.11.jpg

Last year was such a beautiful roller coaster ride, so many emotions and learning so much about life and all that it has to offer. Im so thankful that I gained the courage to move past my fears and limitations as it helped me dig deeper into myself. A year has passed and I'm feeling this yearning of wanting to share and express myself even more, a need to be vulnerable. When facing my fears last year it was everything from signing up for school to picking up dirty trash on the ground. Is it me being lazy or am I being fearful of what others will think? We subconsciously hold ourselves back from so much. By following your heart and putting the ego to the side the universe has its way of showering you with its precious gifts. We all have our own unique purpose here on earth, so what are you waiting for? What are you scared of? Whats holding you back? Its your birth right to be true to yourself and to find what makes you move, what makes you shine and scream for joy. Dig deep its there I promise you. Next year is about me letting go of these self limiting beliefs I have about myself. Last year amongst all my teachings I realized that my biggest fear was using my voice. Since I have this deep desire to want to be a teacher, leader and help guide those who need love and support, I feel as though by focusing on becoming more vulnerable I can therefore squeeze my way past this fear of opening up and letting go. In order for me to heal others I need to heal myself first! Its going to be so scary but in order for us to make a difference in the world we really need to just start DOING! So I encourage you today, not tomorrow to go out into the world being FEARless, and if you struggle along the way know that thats okay and that its just part of the process. We all want to be somewhere else in life but understand that reaching your dreams should be a part of your daily practice, don't beat yourself up if you skip a day or two just come back when your ready. Cheers to another beautiful year ahead of us, lets spread the love baby!

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